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Some leaders say now is the time to act

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Historic neighborhoods unite against short term rentals

The fundamental character of our historic residential neighborhoods is under assault by illegal short- term rentals. Under current zoning laws, short-term rentals are illegal in neighborhoods zoned only for residential use (except approved bed and breakfast rentals...

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May CNA Membership Meeting

The May 15 CNA membership meeting focused on livability and quality of life issues currently affecting our neighborhood and the ongoing efforts by CNA to promote enforcement of existing ordinances.  Erosion of livability and quality of residential life has increased...

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King Tides will return to Charleston in the coming days, so citizens are encouraged to be aware of local weather conditions and the possibility of flooding.Rainfall is also forecasted this week, increasing the chances of flooded roadways in certain low-lying areas. As...

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Short-Term Rental Input from Neighbors Sought Tonight, May 18

The subject of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) has been discussed at CNA membership meetings and a number of articles have appeared in the local newspapers.  The City formed a STR Task Force to examine this complex phenomenon spreading rapidly through U.S. cities, including...

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Proposed Height District Regulations

CNA has expressed concerns to the City about certain aspects of the proposed height district regulations in our neighborhood. Of particular concern to Charlestowne are the proposed 3 1/2 story height districts on Lenwood and Rutledge, which exceed the currently built...

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CHS | In the company of strangers

CHS |  In the company of strangers There’s an undercurrent moving through town.  It’s a sentiment of frustration turned to sadness, a sense of resignation.  You may have noticed an undertone, even among some Charleston’s stalwarts, that they no longer view the Holy...

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Your 2017 CNA Board Members

CNA Officers 2016 President: Ginny Bush Vice President: Randy Pelzer Treasurer: Calhoun Witham Secretary: Connie Wyrick Board Members: Wiley Becker Bob Black Ginny Bush Phyllis Ewing Elizabeth Fort Larry Gillespie Lynn Hanlin Joni Hazelton Randy Pelzer Jerry Smith...

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CHS | Finally, A Start on a Much-Needed Transportation Plan

CHS  |   Finally, A Start on a Much-Needed Transportation Plan Constantly stuck in traffic? Dread even getting in your car?  Longing for the good old days when you could easily drive somewhere and also find a parking space? Those days are gone. The just-released INRIX...

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Mayor Tells Overflow Groundswell! Meeting: Flooding is City’s #1 Priority  

Short-Term Rentals are Endangering Charleston’s Livability

Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Charleston Now  ...

Is Charleston for Residents or Tourists  

City Must Deal With Short-Term Rentals

Some leaders say now is the time to act

Deal with flooding problems before it’s too late to fix them

Let Beach, new tax stop the deluge

Short-term rentals, the termites of tourism  

Hurricane Irma Alert and Short-Term Rental Petition Results Available Now!